Wisdom from “Afowl:” Life Lessons from the Woods

A three week series (Sept 22-Oct 6, 2013) commenting on some lessons from the reality TV show, Duck Dynasty.

Wisdom Gone “Afowl”: Choose Your Friends Wisely – September 22, 2013     The friends we choose may be the single most significant decision we make early in life.  As Phil Roberson discovered, sometimes we need lose a few friends in order to become rooted in Christ.

Wisdom Gone “Afowl”: Family You Can Count On – September 29, 2013     Even considering personality differences, cultural differences, geographic differences, differences in upbringing…even considering all that, we in the Kingdom of God should be comfortable with each other – comfortable speaking hearing freely and charitably and, even while recognizing our innate differences, loving intentionally.   Jesus said that’s how the world will know that we’re His people…by loving each other as family…diverse as we are.

Wisdom Gone “Afowl”: Repentance – October 6, 2013     As Phil Robertson found out, it’s really hard to walk hand in hand with someone who’s heading in the opposite direction as you are.  Repentance is what turns us around initially with Jesus, and then from time to time through life, repentance turns us back around so we can walk comfortably and enjoyably, in the same direction, hand in hand with Christ.

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