Philosophy of Music

Music is a gift from God. It is our delight to receive this gift, and also give it back to Him as an offering. Because we are created in God’s image, we have been given the ability to create. One way we create is through musical composition, discipline, and participation.

The role of music plays an important part in our corporate worship services, however, it is only one of the many acts of worship. The congregational singing is the most important music we make as a church body; the song texts, tunes, and arrangements are carefully and thoughtfully chosen, in an effort to balance personal tastes and preferences. Well-rehearsed individuals and ensembles also present musical offerings, rather than performance, to God on behalf of the congregation. Music is one of the ways we can communicate with God and allow Him to minister to us.

The role of music also plays an important part in the education program of WFMC.  Since God is the source of music, the church should be the primary provider of music education in the lives of its people. Our church provides quality vocal and instrumental music opportunities for all age groups, beginning with preschool children. We recognize that well-crafted, Biblically-based song texts can provide the foundation for much of our theological understanding.