Giving:  An Important Part of Christian Worship

The giving of tithes and offerings has been a central act and attitude of worship throughout the Judeo-Christian tradition. Giving demonstrates our dependence upon God for our livelihood, and is a beautiful response to our loving Heavenly Father for all the good things He has done for us.  In our giving, the activities of our workweek come in contact with our Holy God who gives strength for honest labor.

Wilmore Free Methodist Church (WFMC) supports the Biblical tithe of ten percent of gross income.  We believe this standard is the minimum that a Christian should give to the work of the Lord.  We also believe that the Bible teaches that disciples of Christ should strive to, in the words of John Wesley, “earn all they can, save all they can and give all they can.”

The ministries of WFMC are supported completely from the giving of the congregation.  In accordance with Christian and Free Methodist traditions, we are not dependent upon any ancillary money-making ventures.

WFMC seeks to be frugal and wise in our spending of funds, realizing that good stewardship is essential to proper Christian character.

ENGAGE, our on-line giving system, can be accessed by clicking here, or access the app directly with the QR code: