Care Ministries and Affinity Groups

From time to time, we all need help – an understanding ear, a shoulder to lean on, someone who understands where we are because they’ve been there themselves.  Wilmore Free Methodist Church offers a variety of support and recovery groups in specialized areas including:

Pastoral Care and Counsel

Purpose:  To provide pastoral counsel, visitation and spiritual care to the WFMC family.

As you might imagine, four pastors attempting to provide pastoral care to a church of 1200 people is a daunting proposal.  Thus, we have several mechanisms in place to assure excellent pastoral care happens in our church family.

ABF’s   The Adult Bible Fellowships are the first line of pastoral care at WFMC.  These are the churches within our church and serve as places of learning, fellowship and care.

Team Ministries  There are a variety of teams that assist the pastors with the provision of care to our congregation, including the Homebound Visitation Team, Hospital Visitation Team, Financial Counseling Team, Homebound Communion Team, and Pastoral Counseling Teamas well as those teams listed in this brochure.

Pastoral Care  The pastors at WFMC are accessible to the congregation.  Anyone can make an appointment to speak with them about concerns and/or needs.  The pastors do give priority in their visitation to the ‘orphans and widows’ and other marginalized persons of the congregation, but truly attempt to make at least one substantial annual visit with every parishioner and member.  WFMC pastors keep in regular contact with the seniors and “intense care” persons of our congregation, and make hospital visits, in conjunction with the Hospital Visitation Team, as circumstances warrant.

Crisis Care  WFMC pastors respond to crisis situations using a rotational responsibility mechanism, meaning, each pastor is responsible for a certain group of congregants at given times.  The same pastor may not always respond to your crisis, but one of the pastors will always respond.

Counseling  WFMC pastors will enter into short-term counseling relationships, but time does not generally permit them to maintain long-term counseling schedules.  Those in need of longer-term counsel are often referred to competent Christian counselors in our area.

Pre-marital Counseling  WFMC offers two types of pre-marital counsel: traditional pastoral counsel and couple to couple pre-marital mentoring.  Requests should be submitted to the church office at least four months prior to the scheduled wedding date.

Parish Nursing

Purpose:  To act as a resource in relation to the health care needs of the church family.

Parish nurses are volunteer registered nurses who promote physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

Parish nurses provide consultation regarding health care concerns and coordinate community-related health activities in which the church body can be involved.  To promote health and safety, they provide caregiver support and encouragement, promote blood drives and wellness programs, and visit in home and in hospital settings.

Parish nurses do not do “hands-on” nursing.  Referrals are made to the appropriate health care agency.

If you believe a parish nurse could help you or if you would like to participate in WFMC’s Parish Nursing Team, please contact the church office.


Overseas Fellowship

Purpose:  To expand our understanding and exposure to missions and to encourage those with a common interest in missions and overseas careers.

Overseas Fellowship meets three times a year with a dinner and program featuring active missionaries, those returning from mission trips, or international students.  All are welcome as we provide fellowship and support for those having an interest in world missions and cultures.  In doing so, we also seek to promote overseas missions in our church.

Though our focus is on missions, any type of overseas experience (education, business, or military periods of service) contribute to our discussions of culture and presenting the Gospel to the world.

Led by Doug and Carol McGlothlin and a team of experienced missionaries, our gatherings provide a place for like-minded persons to find understanding and encouragement, strengthening natural bonds through interaction and fellowship.


Grief Counseling

Purpose:  To minister to persons who are suffering grief over the loss of a loved one.

WFMC offers grief counseling through a partnership with Bluegrass Care Navigators.  If you are struggling with the loss of a loved one, don’t take this journey alone.  Learn skills and find support as you live through your grief.

The bereavement office that serves Jessamine and Fayette Counties can be reached at 859.276.5344.