WFMC is a church that serves!

Yes, we know…most churches claim that…but we really mean it.  In fact, we depend on it for ministry at every level.

There are over 100 different areas of service in our church, and so all who make WFMC their church home are expected to find at least one place to engage and give of themselves, their gifts and their time, not just for the good of our communities and our church, but for the sake of their own spiritual development and maturity.  God made us and calls us to give of ourselves to our brothers and sisters in Christ and to our seeking communities.  We are to imitate Jesus in our attitudes of self-sacrificial giving.

Although the church leadership tries very hard to help people find those places of service, we expect a healthy spirit of volunteerism.  Just like at home – when we find something that needs done (like trash picked up off of the floor or weeds removed from the flowerbed), we do it – we don’t wait (or need) to be asked or invited.

Click here for a fuller philosophy of Christian service.

Click here for a current Serving Joyfully brochure, which briefly outlines most of our ministry areas.

Some current ministries where volunteers are needed at WFMC.