Global Missions

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son…”

In response to God’s work on our behalf, we are both obligated and honored to “go and make disciples of all nations.”  The World Missions Team focuses on ministry beyond the borders of our country.  We endeavor to educate the members of our congregation, helping them become acquainted with our missionaries, their work, and their needs.  Our goal is to challenge the members of our congregation to get involved in world ministry by providing financial and prayer support and by volunteering to serve on mission teams.

WFMC regularly organizes teams of volunteers to visit one of our missionaries and assist them in their work.   Some teams concentrate on outreach ministries including Bible schools, evangelism, and visitation.

Missionaries we currently support:

Angelo, Eduardo & Cindi     Eduardo and Cindi are pastors and church planters in Lisbon, Portugal, focusing on planting pioneer churches, reaching the lost, training new Christians, and releasing them to be leaders. Under their leadership, Portugal became an official FM mission district in 2004.

Bowen, Andy & Lizet, Lucas, Timothy and Joseph     Andy teaches English-speaking missionaries Guarani (one of Paraguay’s two national languages) and familiarizes them with Paraguayan culture. Andy and Lizet also work with Paraguayans to help them become more effective in their church roles—roles such as youth work, teaching, leading worship, and evangelism.

Gomez, Ricardo & Beth, Juliana and Jonathan    Ricardo and Beth Gómez live in Medellín, Colombia. Ricardo serves as the Area Director for Free Methodist World Missions in Latin America, overseeing missionaries and national leaders of the FM Church in 15 countries. Together they develop healthy leaders who multiply committed disciples and plant transformational churches to bring biblical restoration to Latin America.

Hersey, Steve & Ruth    After 25 years serving in Christian education in Haiti, the Herseys have relocated to Uganda, where Steve is the high school principal at the Acacia International School, while Ruth teaches French.  In addition to their professional responsibilities, they are busy settling in and exploring the city on a tandem bicycle.  Pray for their young adult children, Susanna, working in the U.S., and Sebastian, at university.

Land, Darin & Jill    Darin and Jill have ministered in Asia since 2009.  Darin serves as Associate Director for Asia, while Jill works in administration and mentoring. They focus on training and credentialing Free Methodist leaders across Asia, mostly via the internet, through the Gethsemane Leadership Training (GLT) strategy.  Darin also works closely with the Area Director to develop and implement new mission strategies for the continent.

Roller, Thad and Nikki, Lily and Evie     The Rollers serve in Bogata, Colombia, where they facilitate the ministry of the Colombian Free Methodist Church and provide support to it’s leaders.  Their assignments include championing the Beehive Girls’ Home and learning about community church planting strategies and supporting it’s implementation in the Colombian context.

Owsley, Dan & Hope     Dan and Hope have served in Brazil for 31 years, starting churches and organizing conferences, teaching, and mentoring. Recently Hope edited a book of John Wesley’s writings in Portuguese. After seven years in Brasilia, they will move to Sāo Paulo in February to work with the Free Methodist Bible Seminary and to encourage nation-church planting.

Reynen, Mike & Vicki    Mike and Vickie live in Lomé, Togo and serve as Area Directors for Africa for Free Methodist World Missions. Vickie also serves as regional director for Inter- national Child Care Ministry. They travel widely—speaking, teaching, training, and encouraging the many missionaries and national church leaders whom they oversee.

Searls, Dan & Katy Beth   Dan and Katy Beth serve as mobilizers with WGM in the southeastern U.S., challenging the church to engage with missions and evangelism, locally and worldwide, by asking the question, “Are you following Jesus with your whole heart into all He has for you?”

Steury, Jon & Vera     Jon and Vera serve with World Gospel Mission (WGM) in Nairobi, Kenya, as WGM’s Regional Directors of Africa. In this capacity, they enable WGM missionaries to fulfill their calling through recruiting, training, encouraging, strategizing, planning, and providing member care.

Tinsley, Andrea    Andrea serves in Buenos Aires, Argentina alongside the Rosado family in mentoring and supporting young adults through the university ministry. Andrea is an ordained elder in the New South Conference and a veteran youth pastor.

Tonglamun, Wattanajit & Bethany     The Tonglamuns serve in northern Thailand among the hill tribes—minority groups that have emigrated from neighboring countries such as Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Laos, and China. Most have emigrated due to hardship in their home countries and do not have full rights as Thai citizens.

Weaver, Brent & Colleen  After serving in Ukraine for many years, in 2023, Brent and Colleen begin a new ministry placement in Estonia where Brent works in disciple-making and Colleen fills her role as the Director of Discipleship for OMS as a member of the Global Ministries Support Team.

Creative Access Regions – WFMC heavily supports one family who lives in an area where the Gospel of Christ is not welcome. Pray for safety for them and their children as they study language, teach English, and build friendships.

WFMC also supports organizations, including Evangelism Resources, Moscow Evangelical Seminary, the Philippines Community Care Center, and Free Methodist World Missions (country shares) with both prayer and finances.

International Organizations We Currently Support:

Evangelism Resources – resourcing organizations for ministry to the 10/40 window.

Free Methodist Missions – India country share

Moscow Evangelical Seminary – training Russian leaders for ministry to their own people

Ahon Street Ministries – caring for street children in the Phillippines