Wilmore Free Methodist Church Public WiFi Acceptable Usage Guidelines

Connecting to the Wireless Network

Wilmore Free Methodist Church (WFMC) provides public Internet access points or “hot spots” in its facilities for users with portable computers or devices capable of receiving wireless signals. These access points will allow users to access the Internet from their device when within range of the access points. Access is available in all campus buildings. Access to the public WIFI requires a password. This password is readily available in the office and may change periodically. Using the password to access the WFMC Wireless Network is considered agreement to this guideline.

Acceptable Use

All users are expected to use WFMC’s wireless access in a legal and responsible manner. While using this wireless access, users should not violate federal, Commonwealth of Kentucky or local laws.

By using this wireless access network at WFMC, the user acknowledges that he⁄she is subject to, and agrees to abide by all laws, and all rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the federal government that is applicable to Internet use.

Terms and Conditions of Use

PLEASE NOTE: Printing access is not available via the public wireless connection.

  • WFMC assumes no responsibility for laptop configurations, security or changes to data files resulting from connection to the network and cannot guarantee that a user’s hardware will work with the wireless connection.
  • If a user has problems accessing the Internet over these connections, users should refer to their owner’s manuals or other support services offered by their device manufacturer.
  • WFMC has tried to ensure wireless access is available in all campus buildings. However, users may encounter occasional “dead spots” where wireless reception may be limited or too many users are attempting to access from a particular access point. If you have trouble accessing the Internet or staying online, please move to a different location within the facility.

Security Considerations

Wireless access is by nature an insecure medium. As with most public wireless networks, any information being sent or received over the wireless network could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user. Cautious and informed wireless users should not transmit their credit card information, passwords and any other sensitive personal information while using any wireless “hot spot”.

Anyone using the wireless network provided by WFMC is forewarned that there can be no expectation of privacy when using the wireless network, whether accessed from an external or internal site. Users assume all associated risks and agree to hold harmless WFMC and its employees for any personal information (e.g. credit card) that is compromised, or for any damage caused to users’ hardware or software due to electric surges, security issues or consequences caused by viruses or hacking. All wireless access users should have up‐to‐date virus protection on their personal laptop computers or wireless devices.

Internet Content Filtering

There is currently no content filter on WFMC’s network. The USER is ultimately responsible for their own internet use.


WFMC is providing wireless connectivity in this facility as a public service and offers no guarantees or representations that any use of the wireless connection is in any way secure, or that any privacy can be protected when using this wireless connection. Use of this wireless connection is entirely at the risk of the user, and WFMC is not responsible for any loss of any information that may arise from the use of the wireless connection, nor is WFMC responsible for any loss, injury, or damages resulting from the use of the wireless connection. WFMC does not guarantee availability or quality of the WIFI service.