To Contend…

To “contend” for the faith is the message and call of Jude’s small, at times misunderstood and often overlooked letter.  It’s a letter for today’s church, just the same, as we navigate the many threats to sustained and vibrant faith.

July 5             To Contend     Jude         Pastor Daryl      Video     Audio     Print

July 12           To Contend.Covert Operations    Jude 1-7       Pastor Daryl       Video    Audio      Print

July 19           To Contend.Bad Praxis      Jude 4-8        Pastor Daryl       Video     Audio    Print

July 26           To Contend.Abusive Language     Jude 9-11       Pastor Daryl       Video     Audio    Print

August 2       To Contend.Hidden Reefs      Jude 12-16        Pastor Daryl       Video          Audio          Print

August 9       To Contend.No Surprises        Jude 17-22      Pastor Daryl      Video           Audio        Print

August 16       To Contend.Mercy Mixed With Fear        Jude 20-23     Pastor Daryl    Video           Audio        Print

August 30      To Contend.Glory Before, Now and Forevermore           Jude 24-25        Pastor Daryl       Video       Audio      Print