Sing In Exultation – Advent, 2021

The carols of Christmas are filled with rich truths about God and His character.  For the 2021 Advent season, we will explore some of the less popular stanzas of well-known carols and see all that they communicate about the God who sent His Son to save our world.

November 28            Sing in Exultation:  Ere the Worlds     Ephesians 1:1-10       Pastor Daryl      Video       Print

December 5              Sing in Exultation:  Musical Celebration of Christmas    Christmas Choirs    Video

December 12            Sing in Exultation: Cheer Our Spirits    Isaiah 8:18-9:3, Matthew 11:25-30      Pastor Daryl      Video    Print

December 19            Sing in Exultation:  Condescension    Luke 2:1-7      Pastor Daryl    Video  Print

December 24            Sing in Exultation:  The Greatest Question    Matthew 1:18-25       Pastor Daryl     Video     Print

December 26            Sing in Exultation:  Better Contemplations   1 Corinthians 1:18-31     Pastor Daryl      Video     Print

January 9                Sing in Exultation:  As They Did     Matthew 2:1-12       Pastor Daryl        Video     Print