The Red Letters

This year’s post-Christmas study of Jesus and His words to us; words we can base our life upon…words we can trust.  Take a look, and a listen, to the Bible’s red letters.

The Red Letters: On Entertaining Evil

January 12, 2014 – We unpack the interaction between Jesus and the Jewish leaders at the healing of the paralytic, finding helpful words for those suffering under guilt, for those who need forgiveness in their lives, for those who feel the trajectory of the world is hopeless, and words of warning for those who persistently entertain evil (or anything else ungodly) in their hearts.

The Red Letters: On the Value of Life

January 19, 2014 -The valuation Jesus puts on all life in His command, not only to not murder, but to not murder in our hearts through anger, affects how we treat all persons, regardless of age or race.  Jesus words link Sanctity of Life with Martin Luther King Jr.’s work toward the eradication of discrimination of all kinds.

The Red Letters: On the Narrow Way

January 26, 2014 -Jesus describes the difficulty and unpopularity of the narrow gate and path.  He condemns those who would teach any way to the Father but His way, the way, the narrow way, and He encourages us to choose, and then rest in our choice, receiving power from Him to walk the narrow road.

The Red Letters: On Family

February 2, 2014 -In Matthew 12, Jesus re-defines family to include all who do the will of God the Father and prioritizes them according to Kingdom values.

The Red Letters: On the Attraction of the Gospel

February 9, 2014 – In Matthew chapter 10, we read Jesus’ words to His disciples about their mission and what they can expect to receive from Him and from the world around as they work to complete it.

The Red Letters: On Greatness

February 16, 2014 – In Matthew 18, Jesus gives us His redefinition of greatness: childlike faith and dependence.

The Red Letters: On Grace

February 23, 2014 – Choosing Jesus’ way over that of the synagogue ruler is our charge from the account of Jesus’ interaction with the “bent-doubled” woman of Luke 13:10-17.