Red Letter News

Newspapers (remember those?) used to have whole pages…sometimes whole sections…dedicated to news about faith, spirituality, religion, and church.  Most of those pages disappeared long ago.  Yet as we look at our sources of news today…whether online, on TV or even in paper or journal form, the stories almost always wind up having a spiritual component to them.

Our nations’ news outlets may want to distance themselves from religion, but religion almost always plays a role in what’s happening, and what’s being reported.  This series takes a look at the spiritual underpinnings of some of those things making news today.

January 14, 2024      Red Letter News:  Race     Luke 10:25-37     Pastor Daryl      Video

January 21, 2024      Red Letter News: Life      Matthew 6:25-34     Pastor Daryl      Video

January 28, 2024      Red Letter News: Peace      Proverbs 31:1-9     Pastor Daryl      Video

February 4, 2024      Red Letter News: Truth      John 18:28-38     Pastor Daryl      Video

February 11, 2024      Red Letter News: Greed     Luke 12: 13-15     Pastor Daryl      Video