Praying Through, 2021

Could you pray through the night?  That’s a daunting question for most of us.

Many believers today agree that the pace at which our society is turning away from God is stunning and calls for a heightened response. Beyond troubling national and international trends, like the wholesale discard of historic Judeo-Christian morality, another fact hits even closer to the heart – so many of us now testify of loved ones abandoning the practice of the faith and no longer walking with Christ.

Despair is never the right answer, and our hope always rests in God and not ourselves. Still, what might our allotted role be?

Your WFMC prayer team is offering a new tangible response to that question. We are proposing one night a week of continuous praying seeking God for his mercy and genuine revival. Persons will be encouraged to commit to half hour blocks of time, praying in their own homes, or wherever your “shift” finds you.  Wednesday from 7:00p.m. until Thursday at 7:00a.m. has been selected as the target, with the intention of continuing this covenant until our spring renewal services next year.

More details will be forthcoming and the main presentation will be made at morning worship on September 26th.