Prayer Meeting

The weekly church Prayer Meeting.  Call it old-fashioned, call it a vestige of the past, call it an interruption to your week if you like…but we call it a very necessary component of healthy church family life and the power behind the people we are and every ministry we offer.

You’re invited and encouraged to come and pray for the needs of your brothers and sisters in Christ locally and around the world, the ministries of our church and community, and the nations represented in our fellowship every Wednesday night, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

We meet in rooms B200-201.

We sing a song, hear a a brief devotional word brought by an attendee, share requests with the entire group that are larger in scope, and then go to prayer, sometimes in smaller groups, sometimes as a whole body.

We offer times of healing and times of corporate and individual prayer.  You can enter in as much as you like and are comfortable vocally.  The requests shared in the larger group are recorded and e-mailed to all participants the next day for continued prayer through the week.

The fact is, prayer is hard work and it takes time.  But prayer builds community and changes things and people.  Come and help build and bear our common and personal burdens..and you just might find your burdens lifted in the process.