Wednesday Night Ministries

We’re happy to have returned to our Wednesday night slate of ministries, all beginning at 7:00 p.m., including Nursery Care, Superbook Children’s Ministries, WFMC Youth Ministries and Adult Prayer Meeting.

Here are all the details:


Prayer Meeting – Room B200-201
Superbook Children’s Ministry – Building A, lower level
Youth Ministry – Building C

Nursery:  The “Healthy at Work” guidelines for childcare centers are in place for Nursery.
• We will check temperatures of all who pass through the preschool wing doors (including volunteers).
• Volunteers will wear a mask; children will not.
• Volunteers will wear gloves when changing diapers or feeding children.
• We will wash hands often– just like normal (when changing a diaper, wiping a nose, preparing food, etc.)
• We will be extra vigilant in removing toys that have been played with (even if they were not mouthed.)
• The nursery will be fully cleaned after each use.
• We will check volunteers in just as we do the kids, thus keeping a record of all who have been in the preschool wing.

Superbook Children’s Ministry:
Who: Children Kindergarten through grade 5
When: 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Where: Building A, lower level
We’ll be using a video series called Superbook; about a boy, girl and robot who travel back to Bible times to learn important life lessons from Abraham, Moses and other great Bible characters. We will also have a game and craft time.

Wednesday Night Youth Ministry:  Youth, grades 6 through 12.

Though our gathering will look a little different these days, we are enjoying being together. Following the “Healthy at Worship” worship guidelines, our plan is to:
• Meet in the gym or outside (depending on weather) to allow for plenty of space to be together.
• Eliminate snacks/meals during the youth group gatherings.
• Avoid games that would cause us to be too close to one another.
• Promote hand washing/sanitizing upon entry of Bldg C.
• Avoid congregating in the entryway of Bldg C.

Prayer Meeting will meet in Room B200-201 in a socially distanced manner. We’ll work through the hearing issues as best we can as we go. Blessed are the flexible.

  • Wearing Masks While Moving on Wednesday night is required in any circumstance where the six feet social distancing is not possible.