In Person Worship Quick Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

In-Person Worship – Quick Facts           Updated September 1, 2020

Our in-person worship services begin at 8:30 a.m. and at 11:00 a.m.

No “reservations” necessary.

Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

We meet for worship in the Sanctuary, with overflow seating available in room B200-201 via live-stream as needed.

Please enter the building through entrance A.

Please wear masks while on campus in any instance where a six foot distance cannot be maintained, and while singing.  Otherwise, masks can be removed as one so chooses.

There will be no greeting time.  Please avoid awkwardness by not attempting to shake hands, hug or touch others.

Offerings will be collected at the rear of the sanctuary/room as you exit, so that no plates will be passed.

Nursery for children age 4 and under is offered.  Children’s Worship for children age 5 through grade 3 is offered at the 8:30 a.m. service only at present.

If you are feeling sick, have a temperature or are otherwise more susceptible to illness, please remain at home for the sake of your own and others’ welfare.

All recommended social distancing protocols / guidance will be observed.

All church gathering spaces will be closed to socialization and serve only as pathways in and out of the facility.  Please do socialize and connect outside.

The 8:30 in-person sanctuary service will be livestreamed publicly on the WFMC YouTube Channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Social Distance Protocols?    There are six feet between the rows of chairs…we’ve removed every other row of seats.  We expect all family units to enter, sit and leave according to distancing guidelines.  Please wear masks while on campus in any instance where a six foot distance cannot be maintained and while singing.  We are presuming all who attend will self-examine and use appropriate caution for the sake of others.  All church gathering spaces will be closed to socialization and serve only as pathways in and out.  Please do socialize outside, as safe distances.   Please note that these precautions in no way guarantee a “safe” environment, and that is because there is always a level of risk in gathering and interacting with other persons.

What about Communion? For all who are worshipping from home, pre-packaged communion elements are available in the church foyer every weekday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

We those participating in in-person worship, please pick up the pre-packaged elements on your way into the sanctuary. We will then partake together.

What about masks?  Masks have become a major point of division in our society, and unfortunately, in the Church. Right now, masks are the proven norm for the protection of others in close contact situations – that’s why doctors wear them in surgeries, etc, and that’s why we’re asking that they be worn whenever a 6′ distance cannot be maintained.  Wear them while moving and singing…to help keep our germs to ourselves.

Are we providing masks? No. This is a BYOM (bring-your-own-mask) event.

Why is there only be room for 150 in the sanctuary? The present guidance requires six foot distancing (in all directions) between family groups in these sorts of gatherings, and 150 +/- is our maximum seating capacity with that guideline in place.

How can I help? Probably the most helpful thing that anyone can do right now is to remain informed and flexible.

We realize there are many different opinions about all of these things and that we will not all agree. That’s OK. But in our disagreement, we show grace, because that’s what Christ-followers do. We come together not to argue, not to see “who believes in COVID and who doesn’t,” and not to make any political statements.  We come together, as we always have:  to worship the true and living God, and to honor Jesus Christ in our gathering in every way.
Maybe more than ever before, in these not-business-as-usual days, the world is watching how the body of Christ handles themselves. That means we have a tremendous Kingdom opportunity.

Maybe more than ever before, the world needs to see Jesus in us.

Church Father, Tertullian, imagined the unbelievers of his day being irresistibly drawn to Jesus because of the Christian’s love for one another such that even unbelievers, noticing that while those without Christ fought and argued, exclaimed of the followers of Jesus, “Look how they love one another!” May we be found guilty of this kind of faith in Jesus.


Pastor Daryl