On Your Mark.The Bible’s Fastest Book

Begining January 15, 2023, we’ll be studying the book of Mark in our 6:00 pm worship services each Sunday.  Let’s learn together the importance and uniqueness of the Bible’s fastest book.

June 25, 2023      Mark     Pastor Daryl      Video

April 23, 2023     Mark 1:14-20     Releasing Our Grip      Pastor Daryl      Video

March 26, 2023    Mark 1:12-13     Paradise Regained    Pastor Daryl      Video

February 5, 2023     Mark 1:9-11   Trinity Love    Pastor Daryl     Video

January 29, 2023     Mark 1:1-8   A Shock to the System     Pastor Daryl       Video

January 22, 2023    Mark:  Introduction      Pastor Daryl      Video

January 15, 2023     Mark:  The Bible’s Fastest Book    Pastor Daryl     Video