Now Wait Just a Minute…

Nobody enjoys waiting.  Yet God has very effectively used “time outs” to teach His people important lessons.  In this series, we look at a few of those instances the Bible records for us.

April 24       Now, Wait Just A Minute…Kairos and Chronos     John 14:1-14      Pastor Daryl       Video    Print

May 1      Now, Wait Just A Minute…Still Confident     Psalm 27       Pastor Daryl       Video      Print

May 8         Now, Wait Just A Minute…Pains of Childbirth      Romans 8:18-27       Pastor Daryl       Video      Print

May 15       Now, Wait Just A Minute…All We Need     1 Corinthians 1:4-9       Pastor Daryl       Video    Print

May 22      Now, Wait Just A Minute…The Best Yet to Come       Luke 24:44-49, Acts 1:4-5       Pastor Daryl       Video      Print

May 29       Now, Wait Just A Minute…Overcoming Evil      Psalm 37:1-11       Pastor Daryl       Video     Print