New ABF!

Our latest Adult Bible Fellowship offering is titled, “Creatively Defending and Upholding the Faith After the Death of Truth and the Accelerating Decay of Culture:
Introductory Biblical Apologetics, Polemics, and Theology.”

Or, in it’s abbreviated form, “Always Be Prepared”

Including Presentations and Dialog on the topics:

  • Pharaoh’s Hard Heart
  • Objections Considered and Refuted
  • Are We in the Last Days, and Should We Bother with Defending the Faith and Influencing Culture?
  • Worldviews – Reaching Those Who Think Differently
  • Cultural and Civilizational Apologetics and Theology Amidst Fragmentation and Chaos
    Verbal Seduction and Deception,
  • The Fingerprint of the Triune God is Everywhere, Every Day, and Can Be Understood and Shared with Everyone
  • The Pastoral and Psychological Dimensions of “Winsome,” Tactful, and Creative Apologetics and Kingdom Theology
  • Reaching the Hearts and Minds of Those in Self-Destruct Mode Lacking Emotional and Spiritual Eyes to See or Ears to Hear
  • The Very Practical, Cross and Kingdom Centered Dimensions of Apologetics and Theology

Co-Teachers: Doug and Carol Matthews

Place and Time:  Sundays, 9:45 a.m., Room B102

Monthly Fellowship Times: Discussion, koinonia, games, and snacks at the Matthews’ house.