Looking Up

The way our world is today gives us plenty of reasons to look down in despair or maybe disgust.  God, however, calls His people to look up to Him for hope and peace and joy, even in times of trial.  This series of messages, beginning on January 16, studies many of those times recorded in the Bible when things seemed hopeless, yet the Lord provided hope and peace and proved that with Him, truly, anything is possible.

January 16         Looking Up.1.Yes We Can!          Numbers 13:1-3, 17-30      Pastor Daryl      Video       Print

January 23         Looking Up.2.Reason to Shout          Joshua 5:13-6:20      Pastor Daryl      Video    Print

January 30         Looking Up.3.Divine DoorDash        1 Kings 17:2-16      Pastor Daryl      Video    Print

February 6         Looking Up.4.Always a Way        Exodus 14:5-7; 15-28      Pastor Daryl      Video   Print

February 6          Looking Up.5.Always a Way (Part Two – Evening Worship)       Pastor Daryl      Video      Print

February 13         Looking Up.6.Saving the Day        John 2:1-11      Pastor Daryl      Video    Print

February 20         Looking Up.7.More Than Expected      Acts 3:1-10       Pastor Daryl        Video     Print

February 27         Looking Up.8.Visions and Dreams      Revelation 1:9-19       Pastor Daryl     Video       Print