Laugh Therapy – message series

Years ago, there was a monthly article in the Reader’s Digest magazine entitled, “Laughter – the Best Medicine,” that was filled with funny stories.  As a kid – I loved reading it.  As an adult, I see the wisdom in the title.  Laughter really is good medicine, and the Bible confirms it.

This series explores the Bible says about happiness, joy, praise and laughter – and how they’re so often tied together in our lives.

“It is the heart that is unsure of his God that is afraid to laugh.” ~George MacDonald

April 16, 2023       Laugh Therapy – Thou Shalt Laugh    Psalm 96    Pastor Daryl      Video       Print

April 23, 2023       Laugh Therapy – Power to Cope     Nehemiah 8:4-12      Pastor Daryl      Video   Print

May 7, 2023       Laugh Therapy – Good Medicine      Proverbs 17:22     Pastor Daryl      Video   Print

May 14, 2023       Laugh Therapy – Induces Celebration     Isaiah 56:1-7       Pastor Daryl      Video       Print

May 21, 2023       Laugh Therapy – Cultivates Humility    Philippians 2:3-5     Pastor Daryl      Video       Print

June 11, 2023       Laugh Therapy – Perspective      Matthew 6:22-23     Pastor Daryl     Video   Print

June 18, 2023       Laugh Therapy – Right Times      Ecclesiastes 3:1-8     Pastor Daryl     Video   Print