Jesus’ Wife

Through the years, a number of scholars have suggested that Jesus had a wife.  Well, it’s true!  Jesus did, and still does, have a wife:  her name is the Church.  In this message series, we take a look at Jesus’ wife – His bride – and see who and what she is and is called to be.

June 12      Jesus’ Wife     Revelation 21:9-14    Pastor Daryl    Print       Video

June 26      Jesus’ Wife:  Man and Wife     Ephesians 5:25-33    Pastor Daryl    Print    Video

July 3      Jesus’ Wife:  Patient and Prepared     Matthew 25:1-13    Pastor Daryl    Print   Video

July 10      Jesus’ Wife:  Reconciled       Hosea 2:14-23      Pastor Daryl    Print    Video

July 24     Jesus’ Wife: Reunited       Revelation 19:1-9   Pastor Daryl    Print   Video

July 31     Jesus’ Wife: Young Love   Jeremiah 2:1-13      Pastor Daryl      Print    Video