Jesus: Provocateur

Jesus, in the things He said and did, stirred His world…and still provokes wide-ranging reactions.  In this series, we’ll be looking at the way His contemporaries responded to Him and what that means for us today.

September 6:        Jesus: Provocateur     John 2:1-11          Pastor Daryl      Video     Audio    Print

September 13:     Jesus: Provocateur – “I Do Not Deserve…”  Matthew 8:5-13      Pastor Daryl     Video     Audio    Print

October 4:            Jesus: Provocateur, They Left      Mark 1:14-20      Pastor Daryl     Video     Audio    Print

October 11:         Jesus: Provocateur, Stubborn Hearts      Mark 2:23-3:6      Pastor Daryl     Video     Audio     Print

October 18:         Jesus: Provocateur, Persistence     Luke 5:17-26      Pastor Daryl     Video     Audio    Print

October 25:         Jesus: Provocateur, Confession     Matthew 16:13-20      Pastor Daryl     Video     Audio    Print

November 1:       Jesus: Provocateur, A Greater Team    Matthew 10:1-4   Pastor Daryl     Video        Audio        Print