Jesus’ Healthy Habits

Life in a broken world isn’t easy, but Jesus modeled for us habits that God intended we practice, that make life more like what He intended it to be.  This series takes a look at Jesus’ Healthy Habits he put into practice in His life on earth.

June 30, 2024      Jesus’ Healthy Habits – Ditching The Drama      Luke 4:16-30        Pastor Daryl       Video

July 7, 2024         Jesus’ Healthy Habits – Fixing Our Focus        Luke 2:39-50        Pastor Daryl        Video

July 14, 2024       Jesus’ Healthy Habits – Remembering To Rest      Luke 5:12-16          Pastor Daryl       Video

July 21, 2024      Jesus’ Healthy Habits – Practicing Praise         Luke 4:14-16       Pastor Daryl         Video

July 28, 2024      Jesus’ Healthy Habits – Breaking Boundaries         Luke 7:29-39       Pastor Daryl      Video

August 4, 2024       Jesus’ Healthy Habits – Forgiving Fast        Luke 23:26-34       Pastor Daryl      Video