Jesus, 2020 Signs

“Jesus, 2020” Yard Signs Available!

A word from Pastor Daryl:  “If you’re like me, putting a political sign in your yard with someone’s name on it means aligning yourself with that person / candidate pretty intimately.  I’m not usually willing to do that, because very few candidates for any office represent the whole of what I believe to be God’s will for our nation or state.  Not that I don’t participate in the political process – I do…and gratefully so:  I vote in every election for the people who seem to best represent God’s will and character, and I discuss politics with anyone who might like to do that.  But I generally don’t do signs, because signs cannot carry the necessary context that I want understood about me and why I may or may not support a given candidate…and because of that, they tend to invite incomplete and/or incorrect assumptions that build walls between me and my neighbors.

This year, it has been especially difficult for me to put a sign in my yard, since, in my opinion, neither presidential candidate represents the whole of God’s character.

Maybe you agree.

Then I thought, “Why not put up a sign that actually represents Someone who does represent the whole of God’s character?  Why not align myself with a Name that I can gladly stand behind in every way?”

Toward that end, there are 300, “Jesus, 2020″ signs available at the church office.  Every person / family is welcome to take one for their yard, first come-first served.

Instead of building walls in our community, let’s offer our neighbors the reminder that, truly, only Jesus can accomplish the healing and hope that our nation desperately needs.”