Guest Message Series, Summer, 2021

Several are sharing the preaching duties this summer at WFMC.  Click below to see the services and hear the messages.

May 2, 2021                    Bishop Linda Adams      “Hearts On Fire”     Luke 24:13-35      Video

May 23, 2021                  Bishop Keith Cowart      “Loving Inside and Out”    Romans 12:9-21     Video

June 13, 2021                  Pastor Dwight Winter     “This is Why I Left You”    Titus 1:5a; 2:1-15     Video

July 4, 2021                      Pastor Dean Cook    “A Prisoner of Hate Discovers Freedom in Love”     Exodus 8:1-6     Video

July 11, 2021                    Pastor Dwight Winter     “Hey Jude”      Jude: 1-25     Video

July 18, 2021                    Lee Taylor     “God’s God This…”     Daniel 5:1-12     Video

August 8, 2021                Chaplain Diane Munoz   “Signature Disciples”     John 13: 21, 30-35     Video

August 15, 2021              Pastor Daryl Diddle       “What I Did Over Summer Vacation”   Text Here    Print     Video