Guest and Non-series Messages, 2022

We have so many great preachers, we like to hear them all, both morning and evening.  This summer, however, will be full of guest speakers in the evening worship services.  Scroll down to listen in to out of series messages and guest preachers.

January 2           New Year, New You      Ephesians 4:17-32     Pastor Dwight Winter     Video

January 9           To Trust Him More       Luke 12:25-31      Pastor Daryl Diddle     Video

January 23         Treasure     Rev. Jerry Coleman      Video

February 13       The Real Super Bowl     1 Kings 18:16-39     Pastor Daryl Diddle      Video 

February  20      Twenty Years    Genesis 32: 22-28    Pastor Daryl Diddle    Video

Feburary 27       Understanding Ukraine – Skip Elliott and Don Fairbairn    Video

May 8               Not Enough    2 Corinthians 1:3-7  Caitlin Gothay       Video

May 29              Abraham: Starting Over    Genesis 22:13-19      John Oswalt       Video

June 5 (am)       The Most Unique Woman in Genesis     Genesis 16:1-16     Victor Hamilton        Video

June 5              Jacob: the Way Back    Genesis 35:1-15     John Oswalt       Video

June 19(am)    The Father’s Perfect Gift     James 1:2-18     Dwight Winter     Video

June 19           He Knows My Name     John 10:1-5     Harold Custer     Video

June 26          Don’t Stop on First If…    2 Peter 3:14-18         Harold Custer       Video

July 10           Title     Text    Diane Munoz     Video

July 17          Title       Text     Diane Munoz    Video

July 24         Title       Text      Lee Taylor      Video

July 31        Title      Text    Nancy Ellwood      Video

August 7(am)   The Value Added Kingdom  Matthew 22:15-22     Ed Bryson    Video

August 7(pm)        Am I A Peacemaker?      Matthew 5:9       Dean Cook    Video