Family Dinner

Everyone is invited to Family Dinner this Sunday night, March 8, at 6 pm in Building C.

With Spring just around the corner and schedules starting to get crowded as we make plans for graduations, vacations, mission trips or just take the opportunity to spend more time outside, we will all soon be “scattered to the four corners of the earth” doing what we have to do. So, we are inviting everyone to gather around the dinner table as a one big Family this Sunday night. The teens will join us as they will be get back from retreat around 6:00 p.m.  The choirs will have just wrapped up practicing and you have to eat anyway…why not eat here with your church family?

We will gather in Bldg C by 6pm. We will sing a couple songs, enjoy a devotional thought and a prayer of blessing. Soup and sandwiches are on the menu. Please bring a crock pot of soup and a plate of sandwiches to share. Desserts and drinks will be provided.

If you are unable to bring anything, that is alright. Come anyway! See you Sunday night!