Children’s Musical

On Sunday, May 1 at 6:00 p.m., WFMC Children’s Choir Heaven’s Harmony presents “O Chicken of Little Faith.” 

Sometimes fears and anxieties can make us feel like the sky is falling!

On her last day on grandma’s farm, Faith falls into an afternoon nap after a busy day of playing, and into a dream where she thinks she has fallen asleep at night and forgotten to lock grandma’s chickens safely in the coop.  In a panic she looks for them, and quickly finds them — now human-sized chickens wearing party hats, celebrating their “freedom” from the coop.

Concerned to get them back home safely, she discovers they must cross the Pit of Fear, the Mountain of Expectations, and the Forest of the Unknown — exaggerated “dream versions” of things she is dealing with back home in real life.

While facing these dangers (along with an unending stream of chicken jokes and puns), Faith is reminded of all she has learned from God’s Word which arms her, and her new poultry-pals, to trust God no matter what the fear or anxiety.

Easy to learn, impossible to forget . . . O Chicken of Little Faith.