Called to Lead sermon series

One of the biggest needs of our world and of Christ’s Church, is for people to take up the mantle of leadership.  Not coincidentally, it’s also one of the toughest things to do, and especially so in our day.  In this message series, we’ll look at some principles of leadership practiced by the remarkable leaders of the Bible, especially Nehemiah, who was called to lead under difficult conditions.

August 22       Called to Lead – A Great Work     Nehemiah 6:1-3    Pastor Daryl        Video     Print

August 29       Called to Lead – Unfair Advantage      Nehemiah 5:1-12    Pastor Daryl        Video     Print

September 5       Called to Lead – In Labor      Nehemiah 4:6-23    Pastor Daryl        Video    Print

September 12       Called to Lead – In Perspective      Nehemiah 8:1-12    Pastor Daryl        Video    Print

September 19      Called to Lead – In Repentance      Nehemiah 9:6, 22-37    Pastor Daryl        Video    Print

September 26      Called to Lead – In Dedication      Nehemiah 10:28-39    Pastor Daryl        Video       Print