Advent’s Adverbs

“Adverbs are words that modify verbs – they tell us, not that things happened, but how things that happened happened;” our english teachers remind us.  Throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons of 2022/23, we’ll take a look at how the happenings of Christmas happened – the way God came, and the ways people responded to His coming.

November 27       Advent’s Adverbs:  Patiently    Isaiah 7:10-15       Pastor Daryl       Video     Print

December 4         Musical Celebration of Christmas

December 11        Advent’s Adverbs: Humbly      Luke 1:26-38        Pastor Daryl       Video    Print

December 18        Advent’s Adverbs: Angrily       Matthew 2:1-12      Pastor Daryl       Video     Print

December 24        Advent’s Adverbs: Silently      Luke 2:8-20      Pastor Daryl       Video     Print

December 25        Advent’s Adverbs: Finally      Matthew 1:18-25      Pastor Daryl       Video    Print

January 1          Advent’s Adverbs: Willingly      Matthew 3:13-17      Pastor Daryl       Video     Print

January 8          Advent’s Adverbs: Victoriously    Matthew 4:1-11      Pastor Daryl       Video      Print