What Disasters Mean

Over the past few days, several have wondered aloud about…channel 18 news even posted an article today regarding…the spiritual message that should come with all these hurricanes and wildfires and earthquakes that we’re experiencing.  “Are these the signs of the end of the world?”

I think the answer to that question should be, “No, and yes.”

No, in that, as we examine world history, we find that these kinds of enormous events have always been with us. Certainly Scripture says that as the time for Jesus’ return draws closer, these kinds of things will increase in frequency. But we should not jump to the conclusion that Jesus is returning in November simply because we have an unusually active hurricane season in September.  Yes, the earth is groaning for her redeemer, but history confirms she’s been groaning in ways like these for a long, long time.

However, these kinds of big things should remind us of our smallness and of the reality of, and our need for, a big God.

The most basic human problem / sin is the fact that we tend to think of ourselves as big. Natural disasters, especially on the scale we’re seeing today, remind us of the uncomfortable reality that we people are actually “wee” people; we’re really quite small and rather helpless and all but powerless in the grand scheme of things, which is just what opens the door of our hearts to the reality of God – who He is, what He says, and what He’s done and still doing in our world.

So, yes, these events we’re witnessing are signs of the end of the world. They’re much needed reminders that, contrary to what we tend to believe, we really don’t control our world’s agenda…and if we’re wise, they help point us to the One who does.

The One who does, by the way, asks those who love and follow Him to pray and work and give and do all we can to help relieve the suffering of all who struggle with the world’s groanings…so let’s be faithful to do that together.  Most often, that’s how He makes Himself known.  – Pastor Daryl