September 7, 2016

Remember that, tonight, all entry and exit of the campus must be done through the new corridor B entrance.  Cross the temporary wooden bridge and follow the yellow and red signs.

DSCN3792 DSCN3793 DSCN3794 DSCN3795 DSCN3796 DSCN3797 DSCN3798 DSCN3799 DSCN3800 DSCN3801 DSCN3802 DSCN3803 DSCN3804 DSCN3805 DSCN3806 DSCN3807 DSCN3808 DSCN3809 DSCN3810 DSCN3811 DSCN3812 DSCN3813 DSCN3814