Russia Team, Friday

Well, we survived our overnight train trip and got a couple hours of sleep, and then started the day with breakfast with the Baptist Seminary president Peter Mitskevich  who gave us a nice tour, not only of the seminary, but of protestant history of Russia, really.  We then left the seminary and took bus and metro to Izmailovo, which is an outdoor marketplace, set up mostly for tourists.  It was quite cold and raining off and on, so on the plus side, it wasn’t crowded.  On the minus side, it wasn’t crowded with sellers either.  The highlight was eating at a Russian shishkabob place which is worth the trip to Russia.

With the help of Tanya and Peter, our OT guides (again) in Moscow, we then went to another part of Moscow and took a tour of the Convent of Martha and Mary.   We “metroed” to another part of town, ate dinner at TGI Fridays in a large mall, then went to the Sakharov Center (the leading scientist behind the H-bomb who then turned dissident) for Skip the give a talk on his experience with racial prejudice (growing up in the south) and drawing some parallels for the Russian context.

Returned to the Hotel around 10:00 for a brief rest.

As I write this, we are at the Moscow airport (left the seminary at 3:00 a.m. with God and Tanya as our helpers) awaiting our 6:00 flight to Paris.  We said “do sveedaniya” to Chris, who flies out at a different time.  We are well – tired, but well.  Thanks for praying for us, and to Doug McGlothlin for picking us up at the Cincinnati airport when we get home Saturday.

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Checking into the Baptist Seminary guest rooms
Guest rooms lobby
Baptist seminary president Peter Mitskevich
Outside of the Izmailovo marketplace
Tanya and Peter…our guides and translators
Impressive subway system, eh?
Adam and Eve statuary
Convent of Martha and Mary
Skip presenting at the Sakharov Center