We all need a place to belong – a place where we know people care about us and where we care about others.   In WFMC Youth Ministries, our desire is to create a space where students of all stripes are welcome.  We come together in a community of faith that seeks to know Jesus and discover who Jesus calls us to be.  Come and join us.  Find a place you can belong, and discover Jesus and His purpose for your life.

– Pastor Andrea and the WFMC Youth Ministry Staff

There’s a place for you!  

First of all, here are some current calendar kinds of things that you might like to have:

Youth Ministry Brochure, Current

December 2018 Calendar

Youth Summer Schedule 2018

Summer Camps 2018

NSC Kids Camp 2018 registration and information

NSC Teen Camp 2018 registration and information

LIT Application 2018

A variety of forms and information, including youth permission forms for off-campus events


The Weekly Youth Schedule:


  • Youth Bible Fellowships – 9:40am ~ CMC Building, classes for Middle School Girls, Middle School Guys, and High School.  We study God’s word and apply it to our lives.
  • Afterglows – 7:15-8:45pm ~ These happen in the homes of church families; check the worship folder for location from week to week.  This is a fellowship and prayer time for Middle and High school students (separately) following evening worship.
  • Rehearsals
    • Youth Vocal Choir (4:45-5:45 p.m. during school year)
    • Tintinnabulation Youth Hand-bell Choir (3:30 p.m., during school year)
    • Allegro Youth Hand-bell Choir (3:45 p.m. during school year)


    • Youth Prayer Breakfast, CMC, (7:15am, during school year) Middle and High School Prayer and devotion time before school begins.  Students are delivered to school afterwards.


  • Bible Quiz Team Practice The WFMC Bible Quiz team is open to all youth, grades 6 through 12.  This is a competitive team that memorizes significant portions of Biblical passages in a fun and engaging way.  Books of the Bible are committed to memory and once a month students meet from different churches in a competitive format known as the quiz meet.   Practices begin at 5:00 pm, downstairs in the Sanctuary Building.  Find all the information and forms you need here.
  • Free Methodist Youth (FMY), CMC, (6:00-8:00pm – time and dinner begins August 24th, 2016)  Time to fellowship, share a meal, worship together through music and the study of God’s word, and prayer for high school and middle school. During summer break, no supper is served. Summer times: 6:30-8:00pm (no dinner provided).


Fun Fridays – usually 2 per month, as schedule allows.


  • Student Flag Football, meets at Centennial park (due to construction) from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for boys ages 11-16.  This event happens only during the school year.

Monthly Events

Almost every month there are special events which offer times for growing deeper in the faith, serving others, or fellowship.  Some of the events include:

  • HS and MS Fun Fridays – Something fun to do on a Friday night…sometimes at church, sometimes in other places.  Usually once a month, intentionally economical and fun!
  • Missions – Our Home and World Missions Teams seek to offer ministry opportunities throughout the year, such as the SERVE,  Thomson-Hood Outreach, world missions conference, and mission trip experiences.
  • Days Away – From time to time, when school is not in session, we’ll take a day trip to explore the world God made. Some of the trips we’ve taken include: Cumberland Gap, Somersplash Waterpark, The Abbey of Gethsemani, and King’s Island.
  • Retreats and Camp – At Eagle Ridge there are many opportunities for high school and middle school students to enjoy a great time and to grow deeper in the faith. Each year there is a Spring Retreat, Fall Retreat, and Summer Camp.

You’ll notice that WFMC has all sorts of programs, opportunities and events available for students to be involved in.  But events and programs are not our goal, they are a means to developing relationships, with one another and with God.  We’ve spelled out some of the events that we offer, but our goal, our hope is healthy and godly relationships.  Join us on the journey, won’t you?  And please, contact me with any questions you have.