“Let My People Comprehend” Daily Devotional Thoughts

“A 366 Day Closer Look at the Word of God from a Middle Eastern Christian Perspective”

I initially wrote these short, daily thoughts at the nudge of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of encouraging our Homebuilders Class as they were going through a tough time.  After receiving much positive feedback  and encouragement to continue and even put some thoughts into book form, I began to do so, offering a verse or two a day and some comment.  As I did, the Spirit opened my eyes to many great treasures in the word of God that I never thought about before.  I decided that if the Lord would give me a years worth of thoughts, it could be a great tool for the hectic schedule of believers all over the world, especially in North America, to have this tool for their daily quiet time with God.  My hope is to share these in this way, along with publishing an e-book.

Most of these thoughts came to me during my early morning devotions.  They correspond to the holy days and observations of the year, and are all preceded by Biblical verses from the 66 book of the Bible.

It will take the reader on a 366 day journey that I am praying to be the start of a revival in the church, since I believe that the greatest hindrance to revival is the lack of personal, daily devotional time with God.  These are written, of course, from the perspective of a Christian who was raised and lived in Egypt for 27 years before migrating to the US. 

Blessings from your fellow servant of Christ,

Sameh Lamiy, MD, FACC, FHRS