Let My People Comprehend

Please read Rev. 1:17

If you take a closer look at the verse, a question will arise. How come John saw the right hand of Jesus if he fell at his feet like he was dead (kind of passed out)? I believe the answer is easy. John was very familiar with that right hand. It is nothing new to him. It is the same hand that he experienced multiple times, surrounding John’s shoulders at the shores of the sea of Galilee during good times and dangerous times. The same hand that was given to Peter during the storm when he was about to drown. The same hand that was raised to heal the sick, raise Lazarus from the dead and carried the cross on the way to Golgotha. That same hand John now saw carrying the seven stars (verse 16) that represent the angels of the seven churches. That same hand is also yours. Don’t forget that He carries you on His right hand.

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