The Importance of Right Foundations, by Daryl Diddle. April 11, 2014

After a long wait for the county grading permit, dirt finally began moving yesterday.  In watching them for a while, it strikes me how very important this phase of the job is.  If the foundation isn’t right, the whole building will suffer sooner and later.  Things will settle and walls will crack, and even when new, those walls won’t align with one another.  Elements of the building will also wear out prematurely due to stress on them that they weren’t designed to bear.

As Karen has already written, all this is true of our spiritual buildings as well.  If our identity is not in Jesus Christ, first and only, our building will suffer, both sooner and later.

We face so many problems in life that have their roots in our foundations.  We tend to patch and shore up the super-structure, when what we really need to do is examine the foundation and repair what’s needed there.

Pastor Daryl