Free Methodist Foundation Visit

We welcome Steve (Mac) Macaluso, Regional VP with the Free Methodist Foundation along with Scott Blakemore from the FMF over the weekend of October 27 – 30.  These two men are part of our denomination’s financial planning team whose work is to assist Free Methodists in estate and financial planning at greatly reduced cost.

There is no fee for their initial time and assistance and their salaries are not dependent on commissions.  They work, for the denomination, to serve faithful Free Methodists.

We have been offered several options regarding interview times as well as seminars to help educate and inform.  You may sign up for appointments and /or seminars on the master schedule by contacting the church office (858-3521 /  Individual appointments are limited!

Plan to meet with Scott if you have questions about Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, and Investments.  Plan to meet with Steve if you’re interested in discussing Wills, Trusts, POAs, or Health care POAs.

Both Steve and Scott will be taking appointments over the weekend at various times.  Contact the church office for the list of times still available.

There will also be a workshop on general estate planning on Saturday, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in Room B201.  Another workshop / seminar on retirement planning will be held during the education hour (9:40 – 10:30 a.m.) on Sunday morning in room C202.

Again, please contact the church office to reserve  an appointment or a spot at the seminar!