Did You Know…

Often in an active, mid-size and larger church, so many things are happening, it’s hard for everyone to know about and keep track of them all.  Yet these things are worth knowing about and celebrating.  This space has been created to keep all who are interested updated about all these good things.   This is just a sampling, listed in order, most recent first.  Scroll on down and see all the WFMC community is doing in our neighboorhoods and towns…and celebrate God’s goodness!

So…did you know…

12/10/17   …that literally dozens of people have written dozens of checks and offerings to the Community Service Center of Wilmore and High Bridge (via our Angel Tree) toward the purchase of their new van?

12/6/17   …that the youth group wrapped and decorated Christmas gifts for every student at Jessamine County Head Start?

…that the 5-10 teens plus leaders visit Thomson-Hood Veterans Center and Diversicare Center each week?

…that a group of WFMC teens package approximately 40 bags bags of food supplies for distribution in Jessamine Early Learning Village and Wilmore Elementary School’s Food For Kids Programs each week?

…that the WFMC youth group has been sponsoring a young man named Alfred from Uganda for almost 9 years?




12/6/17   …that hundreds of books, children and adult, have been taken from the church foyer for outreach purposes this Christmas…and there are still plenty left for you to take and give to those you know who need Jesus?

12/5/17   …that WFMC is sending a 13-member team to Paraguay, leaving March 28th, to assist Andy and Lizet Bowen in their work there?

12/4/17    …that our School Outreach Team Leader visited every Family Resource Center in every school in Jessamine County to offer assistance in light of the budgetary freeze at the state level and has awarded, through our Benevolence Team, $500.00 to the Family Resource Center at Rosenwald-Dunbar to help supply their children with hygiene, food and clothing products?

12/3/17   …that Christmas nativity sets from all around the world (on loan from church members) are now featured in the foyer display case?

12/2/17   …that we have a very successful Bible Quiz team of 18 teens that travel most weekends during the school year quizzing against teams from other Free Methodist churches in Indiana?

12/2/17   …that, thanks to Outreach Team Leader Craig Saunders and a group of 30 volunteers, over 800 cups of hot chocolate and several hundred Christmas/outreach-oriented books were given away in Jesus’ name at the Wilmore Old Fashioned Christmas?

11/30/17   …that there is a group (that you can join by contacting the church office) called the “Ezers” that come to the church when available and needed to do misc. office work, and that yesterday, November 29, a group of five “ezers” labeled nearly 1000 books for the upcoming outreaches?

11/29/17  …that over 30 WFMC bakers donated over one thousand cookies that were given today in Jesus’ name to the employees of the Jessamine County School Bus garage, the Jessamine County Schools Administration staff, the Jessamine County Technical School faculty and staff, the Wilmore City Hall employees, the Providence School employees and to the Wilmore Public Utilities department?

11/28/17   …that most years, WFMC publishes our own Advent and Lenten Devotional Guides, written by WFMC attendees and edited and assembled by Martha Sparks?

11/28/17  …that WFMC helps prayerfully and financially support fifteen international missionaries and mission organizations and 20 local mission agencies?

11/28/17  …that WFMC Youth created and mailed Christmas cards to all our military personnel?

11/27/17  …that WFMC provided Berenstain Bible books for over 65 students at Jessamine County Headstart?

…that WFMC recently purchased a furnace for local home?

…that WFMC recently purchased eight coats for children who attend Jessamine County Headstart?

…that every week during public school, WFMC provides approximately 40 Food for Kids packages weekly to Jessamine Early Learning Village and Wilmore Elementary School?

…that WFMC provides worship services weekly for the Diversicare Center in Nicholasville?  (Contact Chris Wittenberg to help with this ministry.)

…that WFMC provides a monthly devotional times/Bible study for Jessamine County Senior Adult Day Care?

…WFMC provides monthly worship services to Jessamine County Detention Center?

…WFMC provides bi-monthly worship service to Jessamine County Homeless Coalition?

…WFMC provides weekly Bible Study to the Jessamine County Homeless Coalition?