Advent Devotional: Believing, A Leap of Faith

December 22, 2013

Scripture: Luke 1:45

“Blessed is she who has believed …” (Luke 1:45).

Most of us grew up in the church and have heard the Christmas story since childhood.  We can’t remember a time when we didn’t believe the story. But that will not likely be true for children born in America today.

What was it like for those who lived the Christmas story, and for those who hear it today for the first time?  How absolutely unbelievable it sounds…what a leap of faith it takes…yet what a difference believing it makes.

What must it have been like for Mary to hear that she would bear a child without a man? That had never happened before in all of human history, but she believed. So, forever Mary has the highest honor of being the mother of Jesus.  Do we, and will the next generation, believe the truths of scripture?

Joseph saw an angel in a dream.  That’s pretty unbelievable in itself. More incredible, he believed when the angel said that Mary’s child “was conceived by the Holy Spirit.” Who would buy that? He did, obeyed, and had the privilege of raising God’s Son.

The shepherds believed what the angels told them and got to see Jesus. Simeon believed God and got to see the Christ. If we truly believe, we, too, can see His salvation.

Do you really believe? What difference does it make?  Some (even in America) haven’t heard this strange, wonderful story. Will you share it so they can believe and be blessed?

Author: Regina Dongell, wife of Joseph Dongell, works from home as an accountant, is director of the Friendship International ministry, and is the privileged recipient of cardiac care by the Great Physician, in answer to your many gracious prayers.