Advent devotional: Look for Him in Your World

December 1, 2013

Scripture: Luke 7:19 NASB

Summoning two of his disciples, John sent them to the Lord,
saying, “Are You the Expected One, or do we look for someone
else?” (Luke 7:19 NASB).

The most amazing event in human history took place in an ordinary animal shelter. Planned before the cosmos was spoken into existence, Jesus, the Expected One, came to us.

He still comes to us.

Consider your own life. When have you experienced His coming? Here are a few from my world:

Jesus came to a child, revealing Himself with simple and profound insight, “God is like the moon, He shines in a dark place.”

Jesus came to a student seeking His wisdom and guidance during the uncertain post-graduation season, bringing hope, presence, trust and a path to walk.

Jesus came to a young parent suffering profound anxiety, troubled, filled with questions, and brought peace, quiet confidence and opportunity in the presence of still-to-be-answered questions.

Jesus came to a troubled heart through the Scripture, answering the pain and sorrow with profound simplicity. Jesus came to a broken one, fallen into a besetting sin, with forgiveness, cleansing and restoration.

Jesus came to a follower with gentle firmness, exposing pride and spiritual immaturity, opening a pathway from regret to the beginning of a journey toward humility.

Look for Him in your world. Where do you see Him? What unexpected gifts has the Expected One brought with Him?

Author: Karen Koehn is a wife, mother of three adult children, is learning
time/energy management, and is anticipating the presence of the
Expected One with power and grace for daily living.