To Cancel or Not to Cancel

Ice!  Everywhere!

Should we cancel?  Both services or just the early one?  Sunday school?  What about all the people who have rehearsed and prepared?  What about the safety of those gathering?  What are the roads like?  Parking lots?  Sidewalks?

The northerners will think we’re sissies if we cancel.

The southerners will think we’re out of our minds if we don’t.

Surely this suggestion does not prove statistically accurate, but it always seems, to a pastor, that we get the most questionable weather on Saturday nights.  Always.

Well, maybe not just Saturday nights, but certainly in the hours leading up to any major church event.

Maybe it’s all to remind the pastor, and everyone else looking to God, that God really is the one in charge of things in our world.  In charge of everything – the weather outside, and the weather inside us and our families and situations.

Hope you can make it out tonight at 6:00.  The rain this afternoon should clear away the ice, and our Christmas choirs have prepared a spectacular worship celebration.  We’ll have some hot chocolate afterward too.

Meanwhile, give thanks to God for your warm, dry home…and offer Him your worship this gray, but in it’s own way beautiful day.  We don’t have to cancel our worship simply because we can’t meet together.