Baptism Tonight

We’re really going to try to have our baptism service somehow tonight.  Of course, if there are thunderstorms, we’ll have to cancel at the last minute.  If it’s clear or even just raining lightly, we’ll meet at 6:00 p.m. at the church, then move to either Jessamine Creek or the pool at Bethel Pointe here in Wilmore.

Wherever we go for the ceremony, we will have bus service for 60 people.  Please consider using this to help with parking in either location.

If we go to the creek, there is no parking available to any cars close by the baptism site.  The bus and vans will drop off and pick up at the site.  If you have trouble walking any distances, please choose to ride the bus or a van.  If you choose to drive, parking is in a grass field with a rather steep slope, so please use care on the wet grass while driving and walking.

If we go to Bethel Pointe, the best place to park is in the parking lot of Jessamine Christian Healthcare – St. Joseph, Wilmore.  We will have shuttle vans available for those who might have trouble with that short walk.  We will also take a van and the bus from the church to the pool area.  Some parking is also available around the perimeter of Bethel Point, but please only park on one side of the street so residents can get in and out easily.