Adult Bible Fellowships

During this unique time, some of our Adult Bible Fellowships are meeting on-campus, others on-line and some combining the two delivery methods.  The latest details about the ABFs will appear below as they become available:

Café Berea ABF – Sundays, 9:40a – 10:40a  Building C, Great Hall.    Zoom access also available.   Cafe Berea is entering a long-term study of the letters of John, which is so very  relevant for us today. All those who want to know more about the Bible’s message and how it relates to us today are invited to join us. Class begins with Glen Ellwood leading us in a time of praying for one another. Later in the week, Nancy Ellwood emails those requests so that we can remain connected through the week. John Oswalt leads this ABF.

Explorers ABF – Sundays, 10:00a – 10:45a – Click here to join Explorers via Zoom  From Charlie Brown to the Psalms, from Mr. Holland’s Opus to the letters of Paul, from To Kill a Mockingbird to the stoning of the adulterous woman: The Explorers is the intersection of culture and the Bible. We look at what our culture is saying—through film, TV, TedTalks, and more—and discuss how the culture is addressing the issues of life compared with how the Bible and Christian tradition speak into those same issues. Led by the attendees of the class.

HomeBuilders ABF – Sundays, 9:40a – 10:40a  Room B200-201, Zoom access also available.  The vision of the Homebuilders ABF is to study how God’s Word speaks practically to present-day families. Each week the class begins with fellowship over breakfast, followed by a time of prayer. The study portion of class alternates between Bible book studies and topical studies. The class hosts monthly fellowship opportunities for members and their families to get together. Ben Riffell leads this ABF.

On Purpose ABF – Sundays, 9:40a – 10:40a – On Purpose is made up of young adults in the post-high school to early career stage of their life.  Our conversations center on knowing that God is always involved in our lives and that He desires for us to live according to His way.  We hear real stories of how others have lived life and found their purpose – the good, the bad, the ugly.  We explore the scriptures to see how we should be living with purpose.  We share our own stories of how we “blew it”, how we succeeded and how we can do it God’s way.

Upper Room ABF – Sundays, 9:40a – 10:40a  Room B104  The Upper Room ABF is a discipleship class started nearly ten years ago with a long journey about walking and fellowship with God. Currently we are going through the Word of God and how the Word will not just supply us with knowledge or information but also be transformational. The class depends on active participation and sharing with a round-table discussion format. Joanna Crabtree and Michael Montoya lead this ABF.  Zoom attendance also available. 

Layman’s Class ABF – Sundays, 9:40a – 10:40a   Sanctuary  Layman’s ABF is attended by singles and marrieds in age ranges from the 20’s to the 80’s.  Our study is interactive, with a focus on what the Scriptures have to say to Christians living in a world that looks more and more like it must have looked in the first century.  Coffee is always available and heavily partaken of.  Food and snacks, rarely.  Teaching responsibilities are shared among Matt Kinnell, John Swaim, and Larry Winkleman.

Young Married Couples Academy (YMCA) ABF – Sundays, 9:40a – 10:40a – Room B203  This Adult Bible Fellowship is especially for you if you are an engaged, young married couple just starting out (with or without children) or are a single parent. Young Families ABF promises a laid-back atmosphere for sharing and studying God’s Word together, as well as social opportunities for making long-term friendships. Dave and Carol Coulliette coordinate the leadership team.

Wrestling With Truth ABF – Sundays, 9:40a – 10:40a – Room B101   Contact Bonnie Lashbrook for Zoom access.    The Wrestling with Truth ABF endeavors to examine the significant themes of Scripture. It addresses such questions as: What do we know about God? What can we learn about mankind and the need for salvation? How should Christians live each day? We focus on the scriptural text, emphasize discussion, and usually address a chapter each week. We have a significant interest in the hymns of the church and in missions. We plan periodic get-togethers for fun and encouragement. We praise God and share in and pray for the needs of our members and the world. Timothy Thomas and Melanie Kierstead are the primary teachers of this ABF, which is now studying the book of Revelation.

Current Conversations, Ancient Faith – Sundays, 10:30a – 12:00p    Until the end of October, A BF “Current Conversations: Ancient Faith” will meet in various backyards with learning/discussion guided by the book “Multiethnic Conversations.”   The book is described as “a Christ-centered, biblically accurate guide that facilitates authentic personal exploration and small group discussion of race, class, and culture.”  This book was recommended by FM superintendent Michael Traylor as a way to help talk about race/ethnicity in the Kingdom/church. It has daily readings and reflections if people choose to follow, or they can just show up for the discussion – no homework checked or needed. We welcome anyone who wants to join us, including children. Questions?  More details?  Contact Sarah Beth Baldwin, Amanda Reifsnyder, or Jason Johnston.

Connections: 9:40a-10:40a – Room A200 the first Sunday of each month, where you can meet Pastor Daryl and hear about the history and details of ministry here at WFMC.