Advent Devotional: The Lion of Judah is Here

Scripture: Revelation 12:1-12

“Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ” (Revelation 12:10; see also Psalm 2; Genesis 49:9-10).

When you hear the word Christmas, what do you think of? Odds are a cosmic battle is not the first thing in your mind. Until recently, I did not put these two together, but now it interjects itself into my daily life. Previously, I would have conjured up images of angels bringing “tidings of great joy.” How do battles and pain play into this great joy?

I think we often fall victim to the idea that once we get rid of all the un-joyful things in life, then we can experience joy. But the truth is: we do not experience joy in a vacuum. Joy is not something we get all by itself. No, in this world, joy is always experienced alongside pain. A child is born, Christian brothers and sisters die tragically, and there are many more examples.

It is in the swirling chaos and fierce opposition that a woman cries out in pain as she gives birth to the king of the new creation. The dragon unleashes his might, but to no avail. The good king is here, and that great serpent is struck down. My heart breaks at the injustice in the world. No government has yet to eliminate oppression, but the one with the iron scepter has come. The Lion of Judah appears on the scene and, with a roar, He breaks the chains that bind creation. A new kingdom has come. Justice is rolling down like a river, and it is spreading. We get to take part in this ushering in of the new kingdom, and one day He will set all things right. This is our joy. Merry Christmas! The Lion of Judah is here!

Caleb Blankenship grew up in WFMC where he met his wife, Chloie. He serves in the youth ministry and Bible quizzing. He has the honor of serving as a delegate to the New South Conference and being a member of the NSC Board of Administration.